Not all of my works are here yet. As time permits, I will add them. screenshot

|ABC| Clan - This is an Enemy Territory game website. It is a LAMP solution using phpnuke. I had to customize a lot of the php code to add some additional functionality. But as we all know, nothing works out of the box.

data ntoc home pg screenshot

This is the Data NOC website. Before using wikis, I tried to use a plain HTML solution. However, the learning curve is deep for the users, who were expected to update content. This eventualy led me to the wiki solutions below, which require less HTML knowledge.

data ntoc wiki services screenshot

This is the Data NOC Wiki. It is a mediawiki solution. I was able to convince other teams to also use MediaWiki, which allowed me to use Interwiki links and join calendars.

enoc wiki screenshot

After my position was eliminated, there was still a need for the knowledge. Understanding the power of a wiki, I decided to give Microsoft's SharePoint wiki a try. Even though I lean towards a Unix solution, the users of the content were more familiar with the Microsoft offerings.