Sprint PCS phones capable of the qcp file format

I tried to make this list as accurate as possible. I cannot gaurantee your phone will work if it is on this list. I cannot gaurantee your phone will not work if it is not on this list.

Audiovox 8600
Audiovox CDM-8450
Audiovox CDM-8615
Audiovox CDM-8910
Audiovox CDM-8912SP
Audiovox CDM-8930
Audiovox CDM-8940
Audiovox CDM-9950
Audiovox CDM8920
Audiovox PM-8912KIT
Hitachi SH-P300
Kyocera KX2
Kyocera KX5
LG LG4600
LG LG6070
LG LX325
LG LX5350
LG MM535
LG PM225
LG PM325
LG VI125
LG VI5225
LG VX4500
LG VX4650
LG VX4700
LG VX5200
LG VX6100
LG VX7000
LG VX8000
LG VX8100
LG VX9800
Motorola E790
Motorola V180
Motorola V186
Motorola V188
Motorola V220
Nokia 3205
Nokia 6225
Nokia 6235
Nokia 6255i
Nokia 6260
Nokia PLS6226QKT
Pantech TX-130c
Samsung PLS-A680
Samsung SCH-A570
Samsung SCH-A600
Samsung SCH-A670
Samsung SPH-A500
Samsung SPH-A600
Samsung SPH-A620
Samsung SPH-A660
Samsung VI-660
Samsung SPH-A680
Samsung VM-A680
Samsung SPH-A700
Samsung SPH-A740
Samsung SPH-A790
Samsung SPH-A800
Samsung SPH-A820
Samsung SPH-A840
Samsung SPH-A860
Samsung SPH-A880
Samsung SPH-A940
Samsung SPH-N400
Sanyo MM-5600
Sanyo MM-7400
Sanyo MM-8300
Sanyo PLS-4920
Sanyo PM-8200
Sanyo Sanyo-MVP
Sanyo SCP-2300
Sanyo VI-2300
Sanyo SCP-4900
Sanyo SCP-4920
Sanyo RL-4920
Sanyo SCP-5300
Sanyo SCP-5400
Sanyo RL2500
Sanyo SCP-5500
Sanyo VM4500
Sanyo SCP-5600
Sanyo SCP-6400
Sanyo SCP-7200
Sanyo SCP-7300
Sanyo RL7300
Sanyo SCP-7400
Sanyo SCP-8100
Sanyo SCP-8200
Sanyo SCP-8300
Sanyo SCP-9000
Sanyo MM-9000
SonyEricsson T608
Toshiba VM4050