Windows 98 Reliability

Well if history repeats itself, expect the following in the next version:

Windows Reliability

Bugs - Windows 98 is a fix for Windows 95. It would be bad marketing to release Windows version 4.1. Windows 95 is actually version 4.0. This can viewed in your system icon in control panel under settings. This disables DOS 6.x commands because the version is 4.00 whereas your Dos commands can only be run on versions 6.x or higher unless you know what you are doing.

Security Leaks - MSIE had them, FrontPage has them, NT has them, Windows 9x has them. People write hacks specifically for Microsoft. There are hacks for Linux but they rarely work due to the security model Linux uses. Here are some NT hacks. I could generate similar information for any other Microsoft OS, but that would require more time.

Will it really do anything spectactular? - After all the hype of Windows 95 did it make your life any easier or are you more confused about what is going inside that box that sits on your desk? The only new feature worth anything is the way the FAT is generated but most computer geeks know to partition your hard drive, in order that the cluster size is smaller.

Learning Curve - Does your business have the resources to spend on teaching your employees another OS? If so, I can use the money. About the only thing to learn is Win 98 will make it more difficult to use Netscape. Most companies use the every other OS method. This saves money. I just hope you didn't use, Windows ME.

Unexpected Java errors - Microsoft claims their product works with Java but it doesn't. Microsoft will not support Java 1.1, because it competes with their ActiveX product.

New features - Will there be any or will Billy Bob continue to copy Unix? Epoch is 5 years before PC-DOS became public. Microsoft has been trying to catch up ever since. Examples include 64 bit processing, 4 gig RAM limitations, and leaving ports closed by default.

Y2K compliant - Better be since it is only two years away. What about Windows 95?

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