Windows 95 and the internet

The steps below are instructions to setting up dial up networking on Windows 95 to use Slirp.

  1. In Windows 95, double click on My Computer, then double click on Dial Up Networking and click on Make New Connection.
  2. Choose a name for this New Connection (i.e Panther); Select a modem go to configure.
  3. Select Option Tab; check "Bring up terminal after dialing" Click Next, then enter Phone Number, etc. After you have done this step, click Finish.
    Now, you should have a new icon (i.e. Panther as I used as an example above) in the Dial Up Networking folder.
  4. Point the mouse to that icon and right click on it. Then Select Properties.
  5. Select Server Type, Select "PPP; Windows 95; Windows NT; Internet" as "Type of Dial-up Server".
  6. Uncheck (if checked) "Log on to Network"
  7. Check "TCP/IP" ; Go to "TCP/IP Setting"
  8. Check "Server Assign IP address"
  9. Check: "Specific name server address". Then enter the DNS info (i.e. If you don't know the DNS, You can ask your server administration.
  10. Click OK (all the way)
Now you are ready to connect to your server via Slirp. Just double click on that new icon and connect to your server. When connected and logged in, type slirp -P . Then you can start your IE or Netscape after connection is established via slirp. You need a script, which I have misplaced.
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