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   Install Flash 10 or higher
   Install VLC 2.0.0 Win32 version. Other versions available here.
   If running a firewall, open ports 1935 TCP, 1935 UDP, and 19350-65535 UDP.
   Install rtmpdump
       Set $Path (for WinXP)
           Open Control Panel
           > System, > Advanced, > Environment Variables
           In System Variables window, highlight Path
           > Edit
           In Variable value, add ";C:\Program Files\rtmpdump" to the end of the string. This assumes you installed rtmpdump in "C:\Program Files\".
           > OK (3x to close all three windows)
   Install rtmpGUI
       After launching it you will get an error message about the config, ignore it.
       > File, > Options
       In Options window, > Locate
       Surf to where VLC.exe. is located. For my install it was, "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe"
       > Open, > Okay (closes both windows)
       Close rtmpGUI
       Reopen rtmpGUI, if everything works right you should be set.

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