D-Link DNS-320

When I bought this years ago, it was top of the line without spending thousands. There are better NAS systems now but keep in mind when buying a NAS, how much you can spend on hard drives?


What a pain in the ***. It took me many tries to get it working mostly due to documentation. Trials and Tribulations of the D-Link DNS-320 was extremely helpful.


As much as I dislike to say so, you may need to use IE when configuring the NAS. In Management > Account Management > Network Shares > Network Shares Settings, the window does not expand when using Chrome 63.
In your NFS settings on the NAS, host must be populated. You can use *.
On the client, Volume 1 is ip:/mnt/HD/HD_a2 and Volume 2 is ip:/mnt/HD/HD_b2. Some web pages report these values inaccurately.

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