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How I rooted my Samsung Edge S7 SM-G935F.

I have an unlocked Samsung Edge S7 SM-G935F. I chose this because I do not want to be tied to a specific cell company. However, that may not be the best choice for you, you should be more worried about lte vs gsm vs cdma. If you travel abroad, you may need to compare the phone you plan on purchasing with the cellular phone frequencies.

Side Effects / Risks

  • Trips KNOX on Samsung devices
  • Samsung pay no longer works
  • Some apps look to see if your phone is rooted and if it is do not work.
  • Wipes your data if encrypted
  • Changes the Flash counter
  • I did not document what to do on here if things go wrong.
  • You could brick your phone

Enable OEM unlock for Lolipop 5.0 or higher.

Whether or not you decide to unlock (root) your phone, you may want to turn on developer settings. This step is necessary if you will unlock your phone. This also allows you to download and install applications besides Google store

  1. Go to Settings on your device
  2. About device (in the System section)
  3. Tap on Build number 7x
  4. Go back to Settings
  5. Developer options (in the System section)
  6. Turn on OEM locking. If you have already OEM unlocked your phone, this option may no longer be there.
  7. Enable (Allow OEM unlocking? popup)
  8. OEM unlocking should be enabled

Identify if your phone is already rooted.

  1. Install Simple Root Checker
  2. Uninstall app once confirmed. This app has lots of ads.

Identify if your phone can be rooted.

  1. Go to Settings on your device
  2. About device (in the System section)
  3. Model number. If you have already rooted your phone, this may display a different model.
  4. If your phone is listed on the CF-Auto_Root Repository, then you can. If not, either you cannot or you must use a different method not discussed here.

Still want to root?

  1. You must do things in order and be patient. Ignoring this may brick your phone.
  2. Download Samsung USB driver from Samsung or ODIN.
  3. Install the software and test it works. Do not try to use ODIN without ensuring the USB driver works.
  4. Download the bootloader for your phone from the CF-Auto_Root Repository.
  5. Extract it to a folder. It may contain an older version of Odin. I used 3.10.6 which came with the zip.
  6. Read the documents located below in the credits and understand them before continuing. You about to go to the point of no return.
  7. Write down your google and samsung passwords on a piece of paper.
  8. Power down your device. Not reboot. Off.
  9. Power on device this way.
    1. Hold the volume down and Home button down and do not let go.
    2. Press the power button until you see a warning screen.
    3. If the device goes to the normal screen, then power off and try again.
    4. If the device is on the warning screen, let go of all of the buttons and press volume up to go into download mode.
  10. Connect your device to your computer via USB.
  11. Start ODIN. I used 3.10.6, so the input / output may differ depending on which version.
    1. In the message section, you should see <ID:0/00[0-9]> Added. If you do not you do not have a connection.
    2. Click on AP.
    3. Browse to and select the (CF-Auto-Root-hero2lte-heroltexx-smg935f.tar.md5) tar.md5 file.
    4. Click Start. This may take up to 5 minutes. There will be no visual indicators of progress. The device will reboot a few times on its own.
  12. Success?
    • PASS message in ODIN.
    • SuperSU is installed. This application must stay on the device. You may brick the device if you uninstall it without putting a new ROM on your device.


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