How to create Ringtones for your Sprint PCS phone

1. I do not own a Sprint phone but do have friends that do. So I can only confirm this works for the Nokia 6225 and the Samsung N400. List of qcp compatible phones.

2. Due to some restrictions of the phone, the maximum size you may be able to save is 15 seconds, I recommend nothing larger than 30 seconds. Due to when voicemail starts, anything over 30 may get clipped anyway. Take your favorite song and make it 15 seconds long and convert it to a wav. Use audacity, it is free.

3. Open the wav in Microsoft Sound Recorder and save as format: wav with attributes: 8.000 kHz, 16 bit, Mono.

4. Download Qualcomm Purevoice

5. Open the wav in Qualcomm Purevoice and do a convert under the file dropdown. You can hit the prop button to ensure it is ready qcp.

6. Now within Purevoice, you should be able to save as format: .qcp

7. If you run your own web server, skip to step 9.

8. Visit one of these websites ( or or and upload your file. End.

9. Add the following mime type to your web browser: audio/vnd.qcelp     qcp

10. Add the following mime type to your web browser: text/x-pcs-gcd     gcd

11. Create the text file with a file extension gcd:
  Content-Type: audio/vnd.qcelp
  Content-Name: Name of the sound file for your phone
  Content-Version: Version
  Content-Vendor: Your 15 minutes of fame
  Content-URL: Full URL to the file in question.
  Content-Size: Actual file size on disk, not what windows reports.

Sample gcd:
  Content-Type: audio/vnd.qcelp
  Content-Name: phone ring
  Content-Version: 1.5
  Content-Size: 28672

12. FTP the files to your webserver in binary mode. Somewhere like the root directory, so you do not have to type a long URL on your phone.

13. Using your phone, open the .gcd file in your web browser.

14. If you get a warning, save it anyway, its your file. It may take a few seconds to download. There are four possibilites:
  406 invalid content - Either server side like mime settings, directory you placed the files or your phone provider is blocking you from uploading files this way.
  File Size Mismatch - Earlier I stated actual file size.
  Server Error - check your text file.
  Content saved - It worked.

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