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Let's face it, when the country went HD some rural fiends of mine had a choice of satelite or nothing at all. HD signals average about 50 miles. In case you do live within the 50 miles and have a HD ready TV, then buy a HD antenna for about $30 and get some free signal.

I recommend using a solution to protect yourself against pop-ups, virii, and malware. I use Firefox with the NoScript and Adblock Plus plugin. For Adblock Plus, I use the Fanboy Adblock List. Additional Software and Tools.

Sites that suck. Some people are trying to hack you and they are running websites. Some of you may have software that warns you before you get there. Sometimes that software works, sometimes it is a false positive. These sites are just wrong and here is my method of educating you. I strongly urge not visititing these sites unless you think you are smarter than me with respect to computers.

Sometimes just press Ctrl+U.

Free Content

Local News Feeds, US

Not 24/7, usually only on when the news is on 6, noon, 6, and 11 pm. Requires flash. Have to press the play button to start.

My Setup

I have the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q with a Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna. According to AntennaWeb, I should only get the 3 PBS channels (8.1, 8.2, 8.3). According to Mohu, I should only get the 3 PBS channels, 2 NBC (11.1, 11.2), Daystar (23.1), and Univision (34.1). I get WSB ABC (2.1), MeTV (2.2), Laff (2.3), WAGA Fox (5.1), 20th Century Fox Movies (5.2), BUZZR TV (5.3), Peachtree TV (17.1), WATL (36.1), Bounce TV (36.2), Antenna TV (36.3), WGCL CBS (46.1), Cozi TV (46.2), Grit TV (46.3), WUPA CW (69.1), and Decades TV (69.2). I get other channels but either they drop frames or channels I do not care to watch.

Pay Content

TV Listings

    Titan TV
Create your own custom listings. Great for hardware or software that fail to provide their own interface

    TV Guide
The original weekly magazine before there was a channel that showed you.

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