How to copy family videos from YouTube or other websites

From time to time, one of your friends or family uploads a video to a website. Since the video may be only online for 24 hours, here are some methods to help you copy the video to your hard drive. Once on your hard drive, you can watch it whenever.

Here is a sample video to use for testing purposes:

Click on the title to play the video in a new tab.

1. Install software.
    This solution assumes you use Google Chrome on a Windows OS. It does mean other devices or operating systems will not work. It means they are not documented on this website.
        · Install an ad blocker, such as Adblock Plus.
        · Install Tampermonkey, which is required for Aaklist.
        · Install the filters, such as Adblock Warning Removal List, EasyList, Fanboy's Annoyance List, and AakList (Anti-Adblock Killer).
2. Find the video.
    Google and YouTube searches work very similar:
        · The use of + and - symbols. For example, -torrent, -subtitles, +720p, or +mp4.
        · You never find what you are looking for on the first page.
        · If you find a good streaming server, which contains all of your family videos, bookmark it.
3. If the video is on YouTube,
    a. Optionally, find a better quality of the video. Now that you found the family video, don't assume the URL is the best. Your friend may have filmed a better version. Look at the other thumbnails YouTube posted. Go about three links deep looking for other videos.
    b. Get the URL. It should look like Not or If there is not a single equals sign (=) in the URL, get rid of the extra key-value pairs.
    c. Go to a YouTube online downloader. There is no reason to download and install an application. You are asking for trouble if you download applications written by strangers. Examples:
        · YooDownload
        · Youtube Multi Downloader Online
4. If the video is not on YouTube,
    a. Surf to the webpage before the webpage that contains the video or go to the webpage and do not start the video.
    b. Within Chrome, click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.
    c. More tools > Developer tools > Network
    d. Click whatever to start the video.
    e. In some cases, you should see a line that is growing as the video is playing, this may be the video. Some sites are aware of this and stair step the video. In my experience, the video is on the web page in front of the web page, which contains the video.
    f. Right mouse click on the Name > Copy > Copy link address.
    g. Paste the URL in a new tab.
    h. In the new tab, right mouse click .
    h. Additional content.

Additional notes:
    · Be persistent. I have found every family video that I wanted.
    · You may have to refresh your browser (F5).
    · Videos may only be available for a short time. See it, grab it.