Paul T Clark
Atlanta, Ga ⋆ 678-995-6505 ⋆

Result-oriented problem solver and visionary leader with strategic thinking skills and a creative mind. Desirous of a Director position to utilize 15 years of management experience. Offering sound business acumen, good judgement, and proven decision-making skills to further the operations of the company.

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
    • SIA ⋆ Norcross, Georgia
  • KT Resolve
  • E7 GPON Specialist

  • U.S. Army ⋆ Pirmasens, West Germany
    • Honorable Discharge
    • Army Achievement Medal
    • Good Conduct Medal
    • NATO/ATOMAL Top Secret Clearance

Professional Experience
  • Symphony Technology Solutions ⋆ DAS, Small Cell, and Network Provider ⋆ Marietta, Ga
    • Director Network Services ⋆ April 2020 to March 2021
    • Network Operations Manager ⋆ December 2017 to April 2020
      • Started an operations team utilizing ITIL (Event Management, Incident Management, Change Management, and Problem Management).
      • Developed, implemented, and manage Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) using Amazon Web Services (AWS) running CentOS.
      • Created and maintained the day-to-day operation of computer networks including hardware/software support, training, and special projects.
      • Contracted by AT&T for smaller projects such as Walt Disney World Resorts GPON incident management. Using SNMPv3, Datadog, PagerDuty, Google Graphs, and other next to nothing cost software implemented and manage a solution which does not require 24/7 eyes on glass.
      • Installed, configured, and managed Quickbooks, Nagios, Office 365, Salesforce, and iPoint software.
      • Installed, configured, and managed Fortinet firewalls, Commscope branch routers, Mist Systems Wi-Fi, Ruckus Wi-Fi, and Ubiquiti Wi-Fi networks.
  • Cox Communications ⋆ Broadband Provider ⋆ Atlanta, Ga
    • Technical Analyst III (IT / Data) ⋆ September 2016 to September 2017
      • Provided Service & Operations Management, Service Problem Handling and Service Quality Management for Cox Products, Services and Applications at the enterprise level. A subject matter expert and owner of operations service management, escalation, incident command and service assurance.
      • Wrote documentation for a variety of services, including, but not limited to, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, POP, SMTP, and operating system commands.
      • Decommissioned a Knowledge Management System (Mediawiki on Solaris 8) and moved all of the content to a SharePoint site.
    • Sr Manager, Network Operations Center (Data) ⋆ July 2014 to September 2016
      • Technical and developmental leader for a 24x7 Operations team of 10 responsible for Cox High Speed Internet services. This included implementation and continuous improvement of Incident Management, Service Assurance, Change Management, Product Rollout, Training, and Reporting & Analysis.
      • Decommissioned the Business Objects BI platform as the enterprise moved to a Tableau solution. Authored custom reports in Tableau to assist my team with Time to Resolve, Time to Escalate, Fix Ratio and other metrics / KPIs.
      • Implemented systems and processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs and durations.
      • Performed as a key technical contributor in the E-Mail outsourcing, Wi-Fi customer service support, and Network Operations outsourcing projects.
    • Manager, Network Operations Center (Data) ⋆ September 2005 to June 2014
      • Technical and developmental leader for the 24x7 Operations team (10), focusing on Coxs High Speed Internet services and support. This included implementation and continuous improvement of Incident Management, Service Assurance, Change Management, Product Rollout, Training, and Reporting & Analysis.
      • Created, implemented, and managed an incident management process, which became the process used by the enterprise.
      • Maintained the Business Objects BI platform (hardware, network, and OS).
      • Completed a Six Sigma project significantly decreasing Time to Resolve for Cox High Speed Internet services.
      • Coded a compliment to the ticketing system, which contained additional incident details. Written using PHP, MySql, and Apache on a Solaris 10.
      • Created, implemented, and managed a training program, which led to 20 employee promotions, including a director, 8 employee certifications, and a 40 hour per year training year end goal enterprise wide.
    • Supervisor, Network Operations Center (Data) ⋆ November 2003 to September 2005
      • Responsible for the network integrity while providing “best in class” network intelligence, communication, and coordination, for all Cox products, services and applications.
      • Managed the overall performance and reliability of the team (10) by establishing and implementing technical and operational performance standards as defined for NOC core functions (Incident Management, Service Assurance, Change Management, Product Rollout, and Reporting & Analysis).
      • Implemented and maintained a Knowledge Management System (Mediawiki on Solaris 8) to assist the NOC with all aspects of their responsibilities.
    • Systems Technician, Network Operations Center (Data) ⋆ December 2001 to November 2003
      • Responsible for daily support and monitoring of all production systems and services in a 24x7 Data Operations Center. Tier 2 escalation level for customer support issues.
      • Handles and documents all systemic services problems, including troubleshooting and resolution.
  • Online Information ⋆ Internet Presence Provider ⋆ Atlanta, Ga
    • Software Engineer (contract) ⋆ June 2003 to August 2003
      • Wrote a search utility in PHP that would query an Oracle database.
      • Project managed the development team to ensure deadlines were met.
    • Software Engineer ⋆ March 1995 to September 1998
      • Perl coding throughout the software development life cycle.
      • Maintained Perl shopping carts from scratch for use on e-commerce websites, developed tab delimited flat file databases, and secures online transactions.
      • Communication with customers throughout the software development life cycle, ensured requirements and specifications were met.
      • Setup and maintained a single Apache web server on SunOS 5.05, which had approximately 30 virtual domains and approximately 200 web sites within those 30 virtual domains. This included but was not limited to cgi setup, submission to search engines, web site development, and constant communication with the customer.
      • Wrote customized automated web reporting software.
      • Maintained an intranet and Microsoft internal network.
  • Magus Corporation ⋆ Internet Prescence Provider ⋆ Monroe, Ga
    • Software Engineer (contract) ⋆ September 2001 to August 2003
      • Installed a development machine that mirrored the production machine.
      • Wrote a custom version control system for documentation of hospital manuals. This system used JScript, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL.
      • Taught Javascript classes to employees.
      • Assisted teaching of Flash and Javascript at Georgia Tech in their continuing education program.
      • The Apache web servers were using FreeBSD, PHP4, and MySQL. Tools used included Win9x, perl 5.x, vi, pico, Microsoft Office, Netscape, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. All Perl, HTML, Javascript, PHP, and JScript was written using vi.
  • Comstock Net Services ⋆ Internet Prescence Provider ⋆ Kennesaw, Ga
    • Software Engineer / Data Acquisition Manager ⋆ July 2000 to August 2001
      • Wrote a leading edge set of tools for clients to update their web site dynamically, approximately 20k lines of Perl code using vi within the first six months. These CGI tools are designed with security, ease of use for users of all levels of HTML knowledge, and exceeded client's expectations.
      • Solved all Y2K issues from log file reports to automate email generation via scripts on the web sites.
      • Redesigned policies and procedures as a manager of six computer operators in order to increase work production output at its highest percentage since inception.
      • Performed maintenance on existing Perl scripts, which increased speed, reliability, maintainability, and usability.
      • Designed the company web site and maintained my own development machine to allow access for sales personnel to a mock web site for sales presentations.
      • Trained the system administrator on make, firewalls, and backup procedures.
      • There were 20+ Apache web servers running FreeBSD, Perl, and mod_perl for over 300 virtual domains. Tools used include ANSI Sql, Winbatch, Vi, Sed, Awk, Imagemagick, JGenerator, JDK, Make, Emacs, Flash 5.0, WebTrends, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and The Gimp.
  • Healthcare Credentials Management Systems ⋆ Healthcare Risk Management ⋆ Kennesaw, Georgia
    • Software Engineer ⋆ October 1999 to June 2000
      • Maintained C and ProC code including documentation, which accessed an Oracle 7.x database through CGI. Developed postscript files that were populated from this database via C. Effectively, this code is responsible for the communication of the data in the database and the interactivity of the web user.
      • Redesigned the existing intranet, increased the content, and allowed use of existing technologies such as Javascript and Perl.
      • Modified existing X motif programs and redesigned them in Perl, in order to decrease the number of unique applications the operations department must use.
      • Maintained a daily communication channel with operations in order to increase their efficiency. Prioritized their jobs and discussed plans on implementation with other team members to ensure optimal results.
      • This was a full development cycle hardware and software shop, which was in the process of ISO certification. The Apache web servers were running AIX. Tools used include gcc, xlc, ProC, PVCS, Sql, Perl, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, and Crystal Reports.
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